If there’s a lucky mascot in Erikoussa island, then it’s definitely Kalipso the dog. The most photographed animal on the island, Kalipso, has a great story to tell about how she ended up on this small island. She was originally found by Franca and Sandro (Acantha Boutique Hotel owners) in Corfu a long time ago. At that time she was only 40 days old, a cute little puppy. A young girl in Corfu was trying to get help for Kalipso, hoping to find a safe home for her, one that would get her off the streets. So, Franca and Sandro decided to immediately adopt her and welcome her as the youngest member of their family! Eventually, Kalipso was named after the famous and beautiful cave in Othonoi island.

Now Kalipso will be 5 years old (in May 15th) and simply adores Erikoussa. It’s a fact that she gets melancholic when the family returns to Italy for the winter and also that she gets very excited as soon as they arrive Erikoussa port.

Truth is we always aim to make you feel like home so we invite our guests to bring your pets at the hotel as members of theris family. Moreover, we are more than happy to share with you that we ranked in the top 1% of the most dog friendly hotels in the World according to Travelmyth.